LAR - sortie autoroute

Social seat
Menen Town Hall

Secretariat Bitlar cv
Grote Markt 1
B-8930 Menen
T +32 (0)475 - 21 38 61

Management of the co-operative society BITLAR

The co-operative society Bitlar is directed by a board, the Board of Directors. This board consists of at least 10 members, appointed for six years at the utmost by the general assembly of shareholders and revokable by that assembly at all times.

At present the board consists of six directors of group A and eight directors of group B. The Board of Directors has meetings at least four times a year and every time the situation asks for it.

On October 21, 1993 the Board of Directors decided to establish an Executive Committee. This Committee is having meetings whenever required and consists of the following members :

President M. Fournier

The president of the Executive Committee
Mrs. M. Fournier

The Executif Committee was charged with the following tasks :